Category Archives: Uncategorized Faucet and games is a site that has been around for years and trusted by thousands of bitcoin users every day. Its main feature is the free BTC game where you can roll for various levels of free BTC every hour. The amount that is awarded can go up and down depending on the current market value of BTC.

Other features on the site include a multiply BTC game, betting on sports events, golden ticket game in which currently there is a Lamborghini as a top prize, there is also a lottery and various other contests running at any given time.

One of my favourite features though is that any BTC you hold with them over 0.0003 BTC earns interest at a rate of 4.08% annually.

Click on the banner below to get started and start earning some free Bitcoin!

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What is Bitcoin

Since the 31st of October when Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System the idea of digital currency has been heralded by some as the future of money in a digital age, while dismissed as a fad or unsustainable by others. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has certainly stuck around and inspired a seemingly neverending stream of alternative digital currencies, a few successful but many more doomed to failure.

So what exactly is Bitcoin? This short video will give you an idea:


To find out more check out the official website of Bitcoin

On this website, I intend to have a look at some of the other resources available for anyone interested in getting involved with Bitcoin. I will look at exchanges where you can buy BTC, the site’s where you can spend it, and also where you can get some small amounts for free and also have some fun with it.

Please browse through my posts and have a read, I will keep them short and to the point and include links so you can have a look for yourself.




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