Faucets are by far the easiest way to get some Bitcoin, although only in some small amounts. Most faucets only require you enter your Bitcoin wallet address and then fill in a captcha to prove your are not a bot.

Below is listed some my top 10 faucets:

1.  freebitco.in

This faucet pays hourly with cash out every Sunday. It also allows you to gamble your winnings and see if you can multiply them.

2. Moon Bitcoin

Moon bitcoin slowly increases over time and you can collect every 5 minutes or leave it longer to accumulate.

3.  Bitcoin Zebra

Bitcoin zebra allows you to claim every hour and weekly cash out. If you have an xapo wallet then you get the cash out directly without waiting.

4. Bitcoinker

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claim every 15 minutes with a bonus if you have an Xapo wallet

5.  SatoshiCity

Claim every 10 minutes and cash out once you hit the minimum level.

6. Knolix

Knolix accumulate Bitcoin over time, you can cash out at any time.

7. Bitcoin Puddle

Claim Bitcoin every hour and cash out once you hit the minimum level.

8. Field Bitcoins

Field Bitcoin is a clone of Moon Bitcoin,

9. Quickbitco.in

QuickBitcoin accumulates over time, you can claim every 5 minutes. weekly cash out.

10. Steal the Pixels

Steal the pixels lets you claim every 30 minutes, cash out when minimum level is reached.


These are my top 10 Faucets, I will update with more through the blog section of the site.




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